Design Hidden Rooms and Secret Spaces with Tips

Hidden rooms, secret spaces, and inconspicuous spaces between furniture compartments have been handed over to us for generations. People are often awed and thrilled with reports of excavations revealing treasures in hidden halls like pyramids, dungeons, and ruins. These hidden rooms have definite purposes and served the place’s inhabitants well during the olden days. Even still, they have their uses as most owners now design such hidden spaces to hide their valuables, rare artifacts, jewelry, documents, etc., so that the same is kept out of prying eyes. Valuables are safe when your house gets robbed, or some of your extra curious guests or staying relations may find it worth prying in and around the house.

In ancient architectural homes, you can find a whole staircase or mysterious passageway to several rooms. These serve as places to hide people, revolutionaries, and relations sentenced by states, hiding banned literature, arms, etc.

A Community for Hiding Spaces and Trap Doors

You can view many such hidden spaces by browsing the above website. You can also utilize the idea and mold the same to construct one for your home without much additional cost. Such hidden rooms and furniture compartments can serve you well by hiding valuables written or crafted away from nosy strangers, burglars, toxic neighbors, and relations.

You will be surprised by the number of members of such a community, and their ideas are displayed on the site with pictures of their uniquely constructed hidden rooms and passageways. Although constructing a room or hidden passageway may be expensive, depending upon the way you want it, manufacturing compartments between the table drawers can be simple and cheap.

Some parents dedicate such hidden spaces for their children to keep the toys they don’t want to share with other friends. Again, such spaces can be great fun for kids who wish to have a place to play on their own. You can take time out and help construct such unique shelters hidden from most prying people.

Discreet Hiding Places

Some individuals or families are more attached to memories, so they keep old photographs of their family members from the past to the present. Such photos may not be worth the same for guests or outsiders in the house. Hence, you may keep them in your beautifully constructed hidden rooms where you can look at them while sipping hot tea during the holidays.

When you pour over the old photographs of your ancestors, you can do so without caring to show them to others and find pleasure in viewing them. Many such hidden spaces are concealed by wardrobes, secret panels on the walls, bookshelves, etc. so that no one can guess whether anything is behind them.

Family heirlooms or memorabilia may not be attractive to burglars, yet they may destroy the same. So, hide them in hidden spaces or rooms to keep them safe. You can also do the same while designing your home, or you may use your own ideas to create hidden spaces so that not even an expert can spot them.

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