Sculptures of Waste Materials that Spark Your Mind to Act Upon

Modern craftwork shows limitless possibilities for the artist to expand his horizon, with materials most likely to end up in a trash can. The massive pile of electronic waste is one of the most abundant materials in today’s technological world. However, the amount of electronic waste falls short of plastic waste. Recycling is the most challenging part of the work, requiring sophisticated equipment to segregate the parts. Nevertheless, some artists like Sean Avery have made it their business to use such electronic waste to produce sculptures that can thrill you. The artist’s sculptures are all made from electronic waste, namely CDs, and their pictures are posted here for those who wish to draw inspiration from these.

You may wonder why you can’t try something novel with other wastes like Sean Avery who has transformed the old CDs into great pieces of sculptors. Indeed, it would help if you inclined such artwork, or you may fail. Nevertheless, it is an excellent idea that the artist has made use of, as you will find on this website. You may browse to view some of the marvelous sculptor works of Sean Avery.

Craftwork from CDs to Computer Hard Drives

If you scroll down on this page, you will be astonished at the number of birds and animal sculptures the artist has produced. Although it is an uphill task that may test your patience, confidence, and focus, Sean Avery does it by getting fully engrossed. When he is at his sculpting best, he only thinks about the art and nothing else.

If you are a budding artist, you can easily use other electronic waste or other wastes found abundantly in and around your home or town. In several ways, you are helping the environment by getting rid of the waste and, in its place, helping your community view an inspiring piece of a sculptor.

Your art is unique if you try your hand at various wastes found near your home. People love novelties, and if your art has the strength to stand out, you can break out from stereotypes and become a unique artist. Such is the strength of Sean Avery’s sculptor works. Each one of his sculptures on birds and animals depicts action. Moreover, all of them are durable as they cannot be destroyed by weather, so they remain timeless.

Lots of Fun with Such Sustainable Art

Artists can have lots of fun with such sustainable craftwork. It will give you an idea that even human-made products discarded as waste can be given life through unique designs. It is not just money that gives such crafts the thrill but the very joy of doing it so that you know that, slowly, many people will view your sculpted piece.

Sean Avery’s work is not easy to replicate, yet it surely can instill your ideas and imagination to play positively to enable you to create good pieces of sculptors.