Utilizing Negative Spaces for Creating Surrealistic Themes and Concepts

What seems simple at first sight is full of rich meaning, and this is the art of employing negative spaces. The concept has found unique interpretations by art lovers as the work, at first glance, appears simple yet holds the audience’s attention and makes them ponder for a while. Tang Yau Hoong of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is famous for this artwork. His art is not as simple as when you view it, but on closer look you will find it full of intricacies and surprises and, in some cases exhibiting humor to enthrall the viewers. He has shared his view and how such art has allowed his imagination to run wild. His unique art often conceptualizes cityscape, animals, nature, and societal values, and the audience gets to understand them from the artist’s viewpoint and through their interpretations.

Creating surrealistic themes with a shade of inner meaning has found wide application in today’s art world. It means allowing your creativity to explore limitless possibilities and enthrall your audience. If you wish to view such unique themes, you may browse here to create your varied ideas for such artworks.

Little Details Spring Up from Each Work

The work of Hoong is especially noteworthy for the way you can find different ideas within the context of the same theme. The art cannot be explained simply by writing about it. If you miss out on the exact nature of the meaning of the art, do not get disappointed, but stare at them for a few more minutes, and you will find little details springing up so that it seems obvious.

Apart from such artworks, Hoong also creates humorous comics that are very funny and pretty entertaining. He does this to prevent his brain from clogging and falling short of ideas. The cartoon helps him escape situations when no ideas seem to come. Such shifting from surrealistic and conceptual artwork to cartoon drawing helps him to develop his mind to become more receptive to sudden sparks of thoughtful ideas.

You can find the artist’s cartoon shown here so that you can understand the current trend of giving vent to newer thoughts.

Ideas Spark Out of Nowhere

Hoong’s ideas come when he least expects them, as they should with well-known artists worldwide. With some 30 illustrations displayed at the above site, you can find your niche way to start your artistic venture. It is one of the best displays for beginners in the artwork. He uses watercolors, inks, brushes, etc., to make his drawing come out alive and unexpectedly.

In the early stages of all artists’ lives, brainstorming can be a problem. For this reason, the more a budding artist views different illustrations, the better their creative endeavor will be. Even for professional artists, the more artwork they view, the better it is for bringing out ideas on the canvas.

The Vietnamese artist has enabled his art to go to higher levels of appreciation by changing the perspective or composition of ideas.