Help Your Kids Discover the Magic Behind Popsicle Sticks Butterflies

Butterflies are an instant attraction for adults and kids alike. They exhibit the pinnacle of wonders among insect species and are found almost anywhere on our planet. Other exotic insects may be present but are less popular than butterflies. It is no secret that butterflies have a special place in adults and children’s hearts, and numerous poems have been penned about them in various languages worldwide. In the children’s art world, butterflies are prominent displays, and you rarely see an exhibition where these colorful insects are absent. However, butterflies may be restricted to the specific size and colors in the natural world, yet there is no limit to how these insects can be drawn or crafted in the art world. Hence, children find it enticing and fun to make butterflies in any form with the help of materials found as waste or cheaply bought from shops.

One such unique way to make butterflies is by using popsicle sticks, and you can guide your kids to discover the limitless magic of such craftwork. You can assist your children to spend their time wholly engrossed in this very enjoyable hobby.

Explore the Creative Talents of Your Children

You may need a few popsicle sticks, color paints, glue, markers, decorative items, and other materials which are fit enough to guide your children to make a unique multicolored butterfly. The craft is easy for children to grasp, and you need to show them only one or two such craftwork, and they will soon be on their own.

Children have much greater imagination as they always wild dreamers. The parent is responsible for guiding their children towards good thinking and positive art application. Art has always been the centerpiece of activities among kids or lower and primary school as they develop patience, focus, and creativity through them.

Hence, butterfly popsicle sticks art can turn their dull moments into an exciting exploration. If your butterfly is large, you may guide your children to use several popsicles.

Learn Shading with Colors through Tutorials

You can guide your children to learn the ways to color the butterfly. Browsing through tutorials or YouTube, you will find instructions by following which you will know where to put darker shades and where lighter shades are more suitable. Such coloring makes your butterfly remain conspicuous.

The wings of the butterflies stand out, and it is here that coloring should be done with utmost care so that both the right and the left wings match properly. You can use a spray to give it a clear coat of sealant or glue to stick a magnet behind the back of the craft. Finding the artwork looks great from window sills, nails, refrigerators, etc., will give you immense pleasure.

Here are a few ideas that you can assist your children with.

You can either make your butterfly for temporary decoration during a party or make it so that it lasts for a long time.

Let the imagination of your children fly like a butterfly!

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