Husband and Wife Team Up for Making ‘Tree of Life’ Pendants

They have only a single focus: to create the best-looking ‘Tree of Life’ pedants for ladies with the help of materials like copper and aluminum. And they have completed numerous such pendants and have sold them online through the Etsy e-commerce platform. Etsy is one of the largest markets for people selling handcrafted products, and buyers worldwide browse through the site to choose unique products. The beautiful pendants are sold for between 40 to 70 dollars, although they look pretty expensive to some people. However, considering the well-chosen pendant where the copper or aluminum tree is set, they are worth it, as you can wear one of these to stand out in a crowd.

The husband and wife team has dedicated their time and energy to give their customers the best, and the pendants are sold in the name of the ‘Tree of Life.’

Authentic Pendants with Tree Decorations

The pendants make the product expensive as the couple chooses the stones carefully. You often find stones like turquoise, agate, opals, and abalones. The wires to make the trees are copper or aluminum and are gathered from electronic recycling waste. Most of these are extricated from scraps of TV sets, computers, and other electronic wastes and are low-cost. However, the stones may be expensive as the couple has to choose them like a connoisseur, and perhaps the main reason why the pedants are pricey.

For some customers, the pedants are great, and if you look at them carefully, the trees made from copper wires are different. Although such distinct differences may sound little to some, the pendants are worth buying as they are stated to last for a long time. In addition, there may be few intricate works of art as it is limited to pendants, yet the couple may have newer ideas.

The ‘Tree of Life’ depicts the objective that echoes the thoughts of most artists that art and craftworks must be eco-friendly. Nowadays, the same has found expression among other artists with highly intricate and appealing art wherein the artists indirectly wish to support the cause of green-friendly movements to protect the delicate environment of the planet.

Featuring Art with Wastes

The couple has been at the forefront by projecting art and craftworks completed with ordinary wastes that people tend to discard. The net effect is that they have greatly helped the community of artists doing their art with recycled waste. In this way, any art, whether intricately finished woodworking or pendants, has been displayed on their official website hoping that the next generation will take on the responsibility of protecting the earth.

As you scroll, you will find several attempts by the couple to make pendants valued by women. You may pass your comments on the pendants that you like best on the site.