Venezuela’s First Eco Mural Artwork with 200k Recycled Bottle Caps

Art has no limits, and neither does the artist for whom anything they can get their hands upon, especially waste items, has potential for great artwork. Their thinking and focus matter, and through their patient work, beautiful art forms get created that baffle the audience. Furthermore, artists create novel artworks to express their emotions and feelings about their environment and help project a special message to make others understand the meaning behind these artworks. One such problem that most worldwide artists try to spread to mankind is the issue of climate change. Since most artists are in one way or other connected to the natural world, their issue has found common acceptance by their peers everywhere. Among the latest generation of great artists is a new face from Venezuela who has become famous due to this novel presentation of themes like his highly publicized gigantic mural artwork made with the help of 200k recycled bottle caps.

The name of this Venezuelan artist is Oscar Olivares, and he has a penchant for creating mind-boggling artwork with wastes from daily life, and among these is the now famous mural art in Caracas.

The Story About Oscar Olivares

You can find the unique artwork completed with 200k recycled bottle caps on a municipality wall in Caracas. The work is adjudged a novel kind of art as the artist uses bottle caps laboriously and colorfully to depict the problems faced by flora and fauna due to humans’ destruction of the environment. You get the picture clear when you scroll down the list of close-up photos of the above famous mural artwork.

Olivares states that he did this colossal mural artwork solely to express his feelings, and by doing so, he achieves happiness by creatively working on it. He also adds that he wishes others to enjoy and remain happy by viewing this mural artwork.

When he started the work with a suggestion from ONG, the artist thought the project was daunting. But fortunately, he persisted by doing some research and, with in-depth focus and colorful portrayal, he was successful in it.

Making Mural Reality

It is not easy to get going when the project is challenging. So says Olivares, but he had the tenacity of purpose and set to collect recycled bottle caps in earnest. After finishing his work, he also added the finishing touches, and therefore the result was a masterpiece.

You will find several other paintings from the same artist that differ from the mural artwork. You can take note of the various symbolisms in his painting. Besides, his mural artwork brought that rare awareness and positive spirit to the community living in Caracas.