17 Of The Most Beautiful Steps Around The World

More and more people are seeing street art as a valid and amazing art form, but that doesn’t mean street artists can rest on their laurels — they’re always coming up with new methods to exploit public areas and cover them in gorgeous art. This post is about street artists and ordinary individuals who have adorned something that most of us would never consider decorating: public outdoor steps.

Much with Zebrating’s concealed street art, the majority of this fantastic art can only be enjoyed from a specific vantage point. To someone climbing those steps, they may appear to be random splashes of paint, but others seeing them from below will realise the artist’s whole vision. Someone ascending the steps will see the image and see how it extends and twists as they approach it if they are long enough. Of course, not all stair designs must be in the shape of graphics; others are simply colourful decorations that brighten up the area.

Several of these one-of-a-kind works were created as a result of collaborative efforts, demonstrating the expanding global acceptance of street art. When the local authorities first painted over the Rainbow steps in Turkey, neighbouring towns responded by painting their own steps in solidarity. More than 300 locals worked under the supervision of a couple of artists to create the mosaic steps in San Francisco.

Is there any similar street art worth sharing in your city? If not, perhaps these stair photos will motivate you to gather your neighbours and paint your steps together!

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