Artist Spends Hours Arranging Natural Objects Into Stunning Mandalas, Leaves Them For You To Find

Nature is gorgeous as is, but James Brunt is always coming up with new methods to make it even more appealing. James produces one-of-a-kind artworks using natural things found around his home in Yorkshire, England, and their intricate detail will delight both the eyes and the soul.

Brunt uses a variety of materials as his art mediums, including rocks, twigs, leaves, and even berries, to create spirals, concentric circles, and other intricate patterns. James shoots his works of art on a daily basis, and his admirers are encouraged to join him while he works, in addition to seeing the images on social media.

Scroll down to see Brunt’s earth artworks, and if you’re still hungry for more, try Emily Blincoe’s gratifying arrangements and art installations of everyday materials.

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