Artist Turns Real Flower Petals Into Fashion Design Illustrations

Grace Ciao, a 22-year-old Singaporean student, creates her fashion design illustrations in a unique and creative style. She utilises genuine flower petals instead of ink, paints, pencils, or cloth. They not only act as substitutes for lines and colours, but they also provide their own distinct textures and forms to her creative concepts.

Ciao claims that she began utilising flower petals in fashion drawing by accident, when she was simply trying to preserve the beauty of a fading rose that a boy had given her. She now creates these cool drawings on a regular basis. Her favourite flowers are those that come in a variety of colours.

Ciao explained, “They help me create clothing patterns that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.” “Petals work well for fashion illustration since their delicacy and exquisiteness are similar to that of a soft cloth,” says the artist.

Ciao works as a freelancer, designing fashion trends for everyday clothing as well as bridal wear and high couture, despite the fact that she is now enrolled in business school.

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