Bosnian Artist Jasenko Turns Ordinary Pencils Into Miniature Works Of Art

Pencils are generally the first tool artists use when sketching out a drawing, painting, or sculpture because they are erasable. However, Bosnian artist Jasenko transforms this necessary tool for creating art into art itself. His stunning pencil sculptures are small three-dimensional works of art sculpted from the fine graphite at their core. Each pencil is converted into a work of art in and of itself, giving this simple tool a new place in the world of art.

The most frequent media used in sculpture include clay, stone, wood, metal, plaster, and wax. Other sculptors, on the other hand, choose to use unconventional materials such as bird feathers, rice straw, wrapped newspapers, and even discarded CDs. Jasenko, on the other hand, employs a technique that is well-known among painters. His method to using pencils to create sculptures, on the other hand, is genuinely astounding. He painstakingly carves small subjects with surgical scalpels using the thin graphite core contained in the wooden shell.

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